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Lorance Creek is a popular birding location. Walk along the trail from the parking lot to a great boardwalk through a picturesque coastal plain swamp. View All

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Why You Should Visit 

Lorance Creek Natural Area is easily accessible located just minutes from downtown Little Rock. The natural area conserves a cypress-tupelo swamp and adjacent uplands. Interpretive signs along the trail describe the history and natural features of the area. Quiet and peaceful during the day, Lorance Creek comes to life during evening and at daybreak with a chorus of owls, frogs and other nocturnal animal sounds.


Pulaski and Saline counties


525 acres. Jointly owned and managed by the Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission and The Nature Conservancy with and additional lands under conservation management agreement with Entergy.

Why the Conservancy Selected This Site 

The initial tracts at Lorance Creek were purchased by the Conservancy and the Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission in 1989 to conserve the swamp and the adjacent uplands important in maintaining good water quality. Since the initial purchase, the Conservancy has acquired adjacent uplands to buffer the natural area from development.

What the Conservancy Has Done/Is Doing 

Lorance Creek is managed for the cypress-tupelo swamp habitat and the animals and plants that live there. Stewardship activities include prescribed burns in upland woodlands, non-native species removal, and continued inventory for additional animal and plant species.

PLEASE NOTE: Beginning 12/08/14 the parking lot and trail will occasionally be closed to public access while improvement work is underway.

Stroll the Boardwalk 

Interpretive signs along the trail describe the history and natural features of the area. 

Learn About Plants

On the boardwalk, one is shaded by bald cypress and water tupelo trees. Swamp blackgum, a rare tree in Arkansas, is fairly common in the upper portion of the swamp. 

The area is interconnected by a network of small streams and seeps that support a rich wetland flora of over 300 species, including

  • arrow arum
  • bur-reed
  • Louisiana hop sedge
  • royal fern 

Download a species list

Rare plants at the site include hardhack, Devil's bit, and Carolina ash. Carolina ash is at the northern edge of its range. 

Look and Listen for Animals

More than 100 bird species and 25 amphibian and reptile species are known from the site, including the rare bird-voiced tree frog. Wood ducks nest in hollow trees and herons roost in tall cypresses. Beavers, otters and water moccasins are common. Neotropical migrants, such as the prothonotary warbler, can be seen in the spring and summer. 

Download a species list 

Lorance Creek is open to the public. A fully accessible, paved foot path and elevated boardwalk allow visitors access to the swamp interior. There is a restroom on site.

Insect repellent is suggested. Bring binoculars to view the many bird species present at Lorance Creek. 


From Little Rock, take Interstate 530 south approximately 10 miles and exit at Bingham Road (Exit 9). Turn left (east) onto Bingham Road, cross over the interstate, and continue through a residential area. At the first "Y" in the road, go right to stay on Bingham Road. At the second "Y" in the road, bear right onto Border Lane. The Lorance Creek parking lot is approximately 100 yards ahead on the right.


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