Sharing Fire Management Practices with Africa

Arkansas fire team brings expertise to Africa.

From Arkansas to Africa

Our work is not just limited to Arkansas. During the past three years, Arkansas fire managers have been helping the Conservancy’s Africa program and its partners with prescribed fire management planning.

After visiting for an assessment and an initial fire workshop, McRee Anderson and Mike Melnechuk traveled back to Kafue National Park in Zambia during May 2013. They conducted hands-on workshops in fire management with the Zambian Wildlife Authority and local camp and lodge operators who make their living in the park’s vast, wildlife-rich grasslands and savannas. More than 40 people attended and they burned over 5,000 acres during the two-week training.

“Imagine operating a beautiful lodge out on the African savanna, and seeing a long line of flames on the horizon coming your way. You’re going to want to have a solid plan, excellent preparation, and the best tools to protect your guests, your property, your livelihood,” said Anderson. “We get to share new tools and techniques with the Zambian Wildlife Authority staff so they can better manage fire in this massive ecosystem. This is my favorite part of the program.”