Tidal Change

Love, Hope and Wonder at Sea

We all love stories from the sea. Abundance. Hope. Wonder. People who work on Alaska’s fishing boats see it all up close. We wanted to know more about how commercial fishermen are experiencing signs of change in the places where they live and work, so we sat down to listen.

We were impressed with what we heard. Now, we’re sharing their perspectives with you: In “Tidal Change,” we’ve collected audio stories from nine men and women who see nature up close. We’re pleased to amplify these voices of experience because they deserve a place in Alaska’s larger conversation about climate change.


The Nature Conservancy believes that talking openly about the impacts and opportunities that Alaskans are experiencing as a result of climate change will help our state craft the most robust response. It’s key in securing a future in which both people and nature thrive.

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Larry Vander Lind © The Nature Conservancy

Larry Vander Lind

“The abundance of Alaska—of the salmon—is unbelievable.”

Melanie Brown 650x340

Melanie Brown

“I feel like I’m living a legacy. It’s this continuation of a river flowing in time…and I want that to continue for my children.”

Bob Snell 650x340

Bob Snell

“The planet has provided me with a rich and healthy life and I’d like others to have that opportunity to benefit.”

Peter Andrew 650x340

Peter Andrew

“I’ve seen the water temperature go up and it scares me.”

Adrienne Wilbur 650x340

Adrienne Wilber

“The fishermen that I grew up most respecting consider themselves stewards of their industry.”

Eugene Anderson 650x340

Eugene Anderson

“Most fishermen agree that something’s not right.”

Sharry Miller 650x340

Sharry Miller

“When it comes to global climate change, we all need to be more informed, period.”

Brenda and Jon Gaedke 650x340

Jon and Brenda Gaedke

“It’s real difficult for young people to get into the business.”


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