Jamaica is an island of verdant hills, majestic mountains, crystalline rivers, and white beaches edging a turquoise sea. Nature intertwines effortlessly with bustling towns and sleepy villages - a home to the almost 3 million people. From the Blue Mountains made famous by the coffee that bears its name to the Pedro Bank, one of the world’s largest suppliers of Queen Conch, the country’s natural capital is its most valuable resource.

In Jamaica, farmers and fishers are dependent on the land and sea for their livelihoods. Additionally, tourism accounts for nearly one-fourth of the nation’s jobs. Visitors come to Jamaica to enjoy its natural beauty, but that attraction is under threat in many areas. For this reason, The Nature Conservancy and its local partners are dedicated to protecting the country’s natural places.

On land, the Conservancy is beginning to establish a Water Fund in Jamaica, working with local communities and partners to ensure clean water is protected for all that depend on it. On the coasts, the Conservancy is collaborating with local fishers and key government partners to establish zoning plans for marine managed areas, establishing which areas should be fully protected and conserved and which should be used for sustainable fishing or other purposes. It is with partnerships like this that the Conservancy hopes to help sustain communities and preserve nature for everyone to enjoy.

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