Our Work

We’re protecting freshwater and vital habitats in China for generations to come.

Since 1998, we have been working in China to protect the lands and waters on which all life depends. The Conservancy seeks to find solutions that allow China to develop and protect the full spectrum of its biodiversity, from pandas to people. By joining us, you can help safeguard China’s natural benefits—its forests, its wildlife, its water—and make a profound and positive contribution to the health of the whole world.

The Nature Conservancy is enhancing the quality of life in China by using science supported by international and local expertise to ensure that China can solve its most pressing environmental challenges—like the threats linked with rapid urbanization and climate change.

The Conservancy is committed to protecting critical ecosystems through unique approaches like land trusts. We are also restoring great rivers and working with freshwater policy. China is currently the world’s foremost producer of greenhouse gases, which means there’s tremendous potential for curbing both the causes and effects of climate change. This is why we are developing nature-based solutions to combat the effects of climate change, and supporting sustainable practices for people and nature.

Protected Areas

Here are some of the places we’ve helped protect in China:

  • Old Creek Preserve in Sichuan Province: Giant Panda Habitat
  • Bayuelin Preserve in Sichuan Province: Sichuan Hill-Partridge Habitat
  • Heqing West Caohai in Yunnan Province: Plateau Wetland and Bird Habitat
  • Laojunshan in Yunnan Province: Golden Monkey Habitat, State Park
  • Dongtan in Shanghai: Wetland and Bird Habitat with Global Significance
  • Helingeer and Balinzuoqi in Inner Mongolia: Land Restoration in Arid and Semi-Arid Region, Healthy Soil, Climate-Smart Agriculture
  • Southwest of Sichuan Province, Southwest and Northwest of Yunnan Province: Habitat Restoration and Forest Carbon Sequestration
  • Yangtze River Watershed: River Restoration, Fish Species Protection, Sustainable Hydropower
  • Dongjiang, Qiandao Lake, Longwu Reservoir in Hangzhou Zhejiang Province: Water Fund
  • Shenzhen in Guangdong Province: Natural Infrastructure for Stormwater Management


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