The Hadza: Last of the First

“To help the Hadza survive, we must help secure their homeland.” –Bill Benenson, Producer-Director

The Hadza: Last of the First takes a lively look at one of the world's last hunter-gatherer groups and our shared human origins in Africa's Rift Valley. Here in the birthplace of humanity, the Hadza have lived sustainably off the bounty of their Tanzanian homeland for at least 50,000 years.

But recent threats to the lands and wildlife the Hadza need to survive also threaten to extinguish this unique and vibrant culture. Now Producer-Director Bill Benenson and his team at Benenson Productions are joining with The Nature Conservancy to help protect the Hadza's homeland.

Will you support our work with the Hadza in Northern Tanzania?

About the Film

Narrated by Alfre Woodard, the forthcoming documentary transports you to Tanzania. You’ll trace the Hadza’s origins and see how they still live today — gathering fruit and tubers, hunting with bows and arrows, and following honeyguide birds to find trees containing wild honey.

You can watch the movie online here.

The film also features engaging interviews with Jane Goodall, late Nobel laureate Wangari Maathai, author Peter Mathiessen, Hadza historian and Conservancy partner Daudi Peterson, and the Conservancy's Africa director, David Banks.

An acclaimed documentarian and feature-film producer, Benenson was inspired by visiting the Hadza in 2004. “I felt that perhaps by bringing the world’s attention to the Hadza I could help protect their unique lives from oblivion,” he says.

Watch Benenson discuss his experiences filming with the Hadza.

But awareness would only go so far, Benenson realized. So through a partnership with the Conservancy, the film invites viewers to take action to help the Hadza protect their land

Expanding Wildlife Habitat and the Hadza Homeland

The Conservancy’s Northern Tanzania project aims to empower the Hadza and neighboring tribes to protect their lands and co-exist in harmony with wildlife as they have for many millennia. Your donation will support our primary strategies to ensure a resilient, sustainable Hadza homeland:

  • Work with UCRT to help communities secure legal rights to their homeland
  • Improve the Hadza’s capacity to monitor and protect their titled land
  • Protect grazing resources for pastoralists in buffer areas surrounding Hadza titled land
  • Extend protection of Hadza land and associated wildlife corridors

"We don't have to lose the Hadza or the lands and wildlife that sustain their way of life," says Banks. "I'm thrilled about the attention this film will draw to our work with the Hadza and excited about the audience's opportunity to make a tangible difference toward protecting a critical expanse of African wilderness."

Meet the Hadza, Make a Difference

“To help the Hadza survive, we must help secure their homeland,” adds Benenson.

The Hadza: Last of the First offers a rare glimpse into our shared human past — and an opportunity for you to make a difference for future generations. Join us and help protect the lands and wildlife that sustain the Hadza.


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