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Our team around the world is ready to answer questions from the media and share information about our conservation efforts.  

To contact our experts, please let us know:

Mark Tercek 175x215

Mark Tercek

Chief Executive Officer

Lynn Scarlett 175x215

Lynn Scarlett

Global Managing Director for Public Policy

Hugh Possingham 175x215

Hugh Possingham

Chief Scientist

Andrew Deutz 175x215

Andrew Deutz

Director of International Government Relations

Heather-Tallis 175x215

Heather Tallis

Global Managing Director and Lead Scientist for Strategy Innovation

Giulio Boccaletti 175x215

Giulio Boccaletti

Chief Strategy Officer and
Global Managing Director, Water

Justin Adams 175x215

Justin Adams

Global Managing Director, Lands

Maria Damanaki 175x215

Maria Damanaki

Global Managing Director, Oceans

Pascal Mittermeier 175x215

Pascal Mittermeier

Global Managing Director, Cities

santiago gowland 175x215

Santiago Gowland

Executive Vice President for Global Innovation and Managing Director for the Latin America Region

Kacky Andrews 175x215

Kacky Andrews

Director of Conservation Programs for North America Region

David Banks 175x215

David Banks

Regional Managing Director of Africa

Marianne Kleiberg 175x215

Marianne Kleiberg

Regional Managing Director, Europe

Will McGoldrick Thumbnail Image (175 x 215)

Will McGoldrick

Director of Climate Strategy

Luis Solorzano 175x215

Luis Solórzano

Executive Director, Caribbean Program

Mike Beck 175x215

Mike Beck

Lead Marine Scientist

Deborah Bossio 175x215

Deborah Bossio

Lead Soil Scientist

Joe Fargione 175x215

Joe Fargione

Lead Scientist, North America Region

Jen Molnar 175x215

Jennifer Molnar

Managing Director and Lead Scientist, Center for Sustainability Science

Eddie Game 175x215

Eddie Game

Lead Scientist, Asia Pacific Region

Joe Kiesecker 175x215

Joe Kiesecker

Lead Scientist & Director, Development by Design

Priya-Shyamsundar 175x215

Priya Shyamsundar

Lead Economist

Rob McDonald 175x215

Rob McDonald

Lead Scientist, Global Cities

Stephanie Wear 175x215

Stephanie Wear

Senior Scientist and Strategy Advisor

Timothy Boucher 175x215

Timothy Boucher

Senior Conservation Geographer

Andrea Erickson 175x215

Andrea Erickson

Managing Director, Water Security

Bronson Griscom 175x215

Bronson Griscom

Director, Forest Carbon Science

Jessica Musengezi 175x215

Jessica Musengezi

Governance Economist

Mark Spalding 175x215

Mark Spalding

Senior Marine Scientist

Robert Jones Biography Thumbnail Image (175 x 215)

Robert Jones

Global Lead for Aquaculture

Michael Reuter 175x215

Michael A. Reuter

Director, Midwest Division, The Nature Conservancy


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