Conservation Canines

Man's Best Friend Helps Nature, Too

Rescued shelter dogs, like Frehey, are helping to solve some of conservation's most pressing problems. Frehey works in New Mexico to sniff out a rare salamander

Captain surveys The Nature Conservancy in Oregon’s Boardman Grasslands Preserve for Washington ground squirrels, a candidate species for the federally endangered list. 

Rogue is sniffing out a rare plant in Oregon's Willamette Valley; he could help double the field season for locating Kincaid's lupine. 

In Africa, poachers are decimating elephant populations. Wildlife rangers and their anti-poaching pooches work to track down poachers and prevent them from killing elephants and rhinos. 

Conservancy partners continue to train rangers and canines to ensure their success and safety. Sponsor an anti-poaching dog! 

Sustainable ranches in Patagonia are restoring millions of acres of grasslands in the region; Honey helps her rancher herd the sheep. 

Conservancy partners, like the National Park Service, also use conservation canines. Ridley Ranger is searching out Kemp's Ridley turtle nests on Padre Island National Seashore, Texas.


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