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Shellfish Growers Climate Coalition

A shellfish grower and TNC staffer on a boat pouring oyster shells into the water.
Shellfish4Climate The coalition unites hundreds of shellfish growers and businesses across the U.S. and Canada around the urgent need for action on climate. © Jerry and Marcy Monkman/EcoPhotography
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Our members are working to secure a low carbon future for the shellfish we all love to eat and the waters that sustain them—before it's too late.

In 2018, a group of seven U.S. shellfish growers formed a partnership with The Nature Conservancy to create the Shellfish Growers Climate Coalition. Today, we are more than 200 shellfish businesses from 24 U.S. states and Canada working to advocate for sound climate policy by highlighting how climate change has impacted our lives and livelihoods.

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If you're a shellfish industry business and care about acting on climate, join today.

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The Shellfish Growers Climate Coalition represents nearly 250 members from all U.S. coasts and Canada—and steadily growing. Click below to discover the shellfish farmers, wholesalers, restaurateurs and vendors who are standing up for swift action on climate.

Coalition Membership by Region

  • Pacific


    Alaska Shellfish Farms
    Alutiiq Pride Shellfish Hatchery
    Blue Starr Oyster Co.
    Jakalof Oysters
    Kaawu Oyster Co.
    Koru and Kelp
    Salty Lady Seafood Co.
    Sea Grove Kelp Co.
    Tommaso Shellfish


    Carlsbad Oyster Co.
    Hog Island Oyster Co.
    San Diego Bay Aquaculture
    Santa Barbara Mariculture Co.
    Tomales Bay Oyster Co.


    Flying Fish Company
    Nevor Shellfish
    Olympia Oyster Bar
    Ronin Sushi
    Southpark Seafood
    Tidal Boar Foods
    Whiskey Creek


    Calm Cove Oyster Co.
    Chelsea Farms
    Chuckanut Shellfish
    Eight Row
    Goose Point Oysters
    Gooey Duck LLC
    Hama Hama Co.
    HC Snail
    Hood Canal Mariculture
    JJ Brenner Shellfish Farm
    Jorstad Creek Oyster Co.
    Kamilche Sea Farms
    Metropolitan Market
    Neptune Seafood
    Pacific Hybreed
    PNW Fresh
    Seas the Day Oyster Bar
    Set & Drift
    Taylor Shellfish Farms
    Tokeland Hotel & Restaurant
    Willapa Wild


    Industrial Plankton
    Ondine Oceanfarm

  • Northeast


    Harmony Sea Farm
    Healthy PlanEat
    Leetes Island Oysters
    Max’s Oyster Bar
    New England Sea Farms
    Niantic Bay Shellfish
    Oyster Club
    Precious Oysters
    Sixpenny Oysters
    Stonington Kelp Co.
    Thimble Islands Ocean Farm


    Delaware Oyster Co.
    George & Sons Seafood
    Inland Bays Oysters


    Aphrodite Oysters
    Bangs Island Mussel
    Bar Harbor Oyster Company
    Basket Island Oyster Co.
    Butterfield Shellfish Co.
    Chebeague Island Oyster Co.
    Cranberry Oysters
    Dewey's Shellfish
    Emily's Oysters
    Eros Oysters
    Ferda Farms
    Glidden Point
    Highroller Lobster Co.
    Ice House Oysters
    Inland Lobster
    Lanes Island Oysters
    The Lobster Shop
    Long Cove Sea
    Love Point Oysters
    Luke's Lobster
    Maine Ocean Farms 
    Maine Oyster Co.
    Maine Shellfish Developers
    Mere Point Oysters
    Mook Sea Farm.
    Nauti Sisters Sea Farm
    Nice Oyster Co.
    Nonesuch Oysters
    North Haven Oyster Co.
    Oyster Tracker
    Pemaquid Oyster Farm
    Snow Island Oysters


    Aquacultural Research Corp.
    Beach Point Shellfish
    Buttermilk Bay Oyster Co.
    Cape Cod Oyster Co.
    Cottage City Oysters
    Cuttyhunk Shellfish Farm
    Denarius Trading Co.
    Great Marsh Shellfish Co.
    Island Creek Oysters
    Mac's Seafood
    Martha's Vineyard Shellfish Group
    Merry Oysters
    Mill Creek Oyster Co.
    Nantucket Sound Shellfish Co.
    Pangea Shellfish
    Pocomo Meadow Oysters
    Real Oyster Cult
    Sweetheart Creek Oyster Co.
    Ward Aquafarms
    Wellfleet Seafood Co.

    New Hampshire

    Cedar Point Oyster Farm
    Fox Point Oysters
    NH Superior Oysters
    Swell Oyster Co.

    Rhode Island

    Allen Harbor Oysters
    American Mussel Harvesters
    Aquidneck Island Oysters
    Behan Family Farm
    Matunuck Oyster Farm
    Walrus and Carpenter
    Watch Hill Oysters

  • Mid-Atlantic


    Archer Oyster
    Blue Oyster Environmental
    Congressional Seafood
    S.S. Shucking

    New Jersey

    40 North
    Barnegat Oyster Collective
    Betsy's Cape Shore Salts
    Blood Point Oyster
    Brigantine Oyster Co.
    Cape May Salt Oyster Co.
    Greene Hook
    Laughing Gull Oyster Farm
    Lighthorse Tavern
    Seven Bridges
    Sloop Point Oysters
    Sweet Amalia Oyster Farm

    New York

    Aeros Cultured Oysters
    Blue Heaven BBQ
    Cleaver Co.
    Crave Fish Bar
    Cull & Pistol
    Dock to Dish
    Empire Oyster
    Fishers Island Oyster Farm
    Gaiergy Corporation
    Green Point Fish
    Hampton Oyster Co.
    Little A's Oysters
    Little Creek Oysters
    Little Ram Oyster Co.
    Lobster Place
    Lucky 13 Oysters
    Marlow Collective
    Montauk Shellfish Co.
    Race Rock Shellfish
    Salt Water Oyster Farm
    Stein Seafoods
    Thatch Island Oysters
    Towd Point Oysters
    Violet Cove Oysters
    West Robins
    Widow's Hole Oysters


    Muddy Waters Oyster Bar

  • Southeast / Gulf Coast


    Bama Bay Oyster Farm
    Bon Secour Bay Oyster Co.
    Depe's Oysters
    Fairhope Oyster Co.
    Point au Pins


    Bay Shellfish
    Big Moon Sea Farm
    Cedar Key Sea Farms
    Chiles Rest. Group
    Cypress Point Oyster Co.
    Dog Island Blues Clam Co.
    Grayson Bay Oyster Co.
    Halcyon Sea Farm
    Indian River Oyster Co.
    Lost Coast Oyster Co.
    Oyster Mom
    Palmetto Oyster Co.
    Pelican Oyster Co.
    Pensacola Bay Oysters
    Salt Block Hospitality Grp
    Serenoa Shellfish
    Stanish and Minter Oyster Co.


    E. L. McIntosh & Son Seafood
    Inland Seafood
    Kimball House
    Seabear Oyster Bar


    Bright Side Oysters
    Coastal Development Projects
    Grand Isle Sea Farms

    North Carolina

    Carolina Gold Oyster Co.
    Chadwick Cree Oysters
    Crystal Coast Oysters
    Falling Tide Oyster Co.
    Ghost Fleet Oyster Co.
    Hold Fast Oyster Co.
    Middle Sound Mariculture
    N. SEA. Oyster Company
    Oysters Carolina
    Shephard's Point Oyster Co.
    Shuckin' Shack Oyster Bar
    Slash Creek Oyster Co.

    South Carolina

    Barrier Island Oyster Co.
    Charleston Oyster Farm
    Lady Island Oysters


    Henrietta Red


    Minamoto SeaChange
    Prestige Oysters
    Texas Sustainable Oyster
    Water Street Oyster Bar


    Bay Watch Oyster Seeds
    High and Dry Outdoors
    H.M. Terry Co.
    Lambert Shellfish
    Muddy Waters Oyster Farm
    Oyster Seed Holdings
    Rappahannock Oyster Co.
    Rogue Oysters
    Shooting Point Oysters
    Spencer's Creek
    Vogt Oysters
    White Stone Oyster Co.

  • Friends of the Coalition


    Aquarium of the Pacific
    East Coast Shellfish Growers Association
    Florida Shellfish Aquaculture Association
    The Gino Macchio Foundation
    James Beard Foundation
    Maine Aquaculture Association
    Massachusetts Aquaculture Association
    Pacific Coast Shellfish Growers Association
    RPS Group
    South Carolina Aquarium
    University of Massachusetts Boston School for the Environment


    Ole Amundsen
    Mary and Brad Burnham
    Candice Chevaillier
    Keri Chiaponne
    Sue Colson
    Mike Dutton
    Gef Fimlin
    Stephen Hamm
    Jaye Hefner
    Dorothy Leonard
    Benjamin Lowy
    Nicolette Mariano
    Sandy McFarlane
    Bill Moore
    Julie Qiu / In A Half Shell
    Lily Raphael
    Bob Rheault
    Scott Soares
    Mandy Uticone
    Bill and Beth Walton

Shellfish growers in a boat on the water, at sunset.
Climate Impacts Shellfish growers are on the front lines of climate change impacts like ocean acidification, severe storms and shifting shorelines. © Fishers Island Oyster Farm


Photo of SGCC members at the Library of Congress during Lobby Day 2019.
Shellfish Growers Speak Up Each year, coalition members convene on Capitol Hill to speak to their Congressional representatives and advocate for sound climate policies. © The Nature Conservancy