Clear blue water churns.
Blue Rapids Clear blue water churns. © Matt Power

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The Molecule That Made Us

An unprecedented look at the relationship between water and life.

Water is the pulse of our planet.

It's inside all of us. It’s the lifeline that connects us to every living organism. We can no longer take this lifeline for granted. The pulse is changing, because of us. Our demands are increasing, our climate is changing, and we’re already seeing the signs of a major global water crisis. But there's still time to rewrite the next chapter in our water story. Nature is incredibly resilient, if we give it a chance...

Watch the Preview A brand new podcast-style documentary starts airing in April. Its focus? Water: the most important substance on the planet.

Stay tuned in mid-April for H20: The Molecule that Made Us, a three-part documentary series that takes viewers on a journey around the world with TNC's Giulio Boccaletti and other experts grappling with the intersection of water, society and nature.

Drops of Knowledge

  • 2/3

    of major rivers worldwide no longer connect to the sea

  • 10%

    more rain drops during big storms compared to 25 years ago

  • 6,000

    Years for Ogallala aquifer to recover from 50 yrs of pumping

  • 73%

    of the human brain and heart are made up of water