View of sunset and coral reef in Egypt.
Coral Reef in Egypt Reef and fish with sunset, Red Sea, Sinai Peninsula, Egypt. © © Y.M. Michael Fung/TNC Photo Contest 2018

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A Future for Coral Reefs

It's too early to start writing an obituary for coral reefs.

As dire as their fate may seem now, science is changing what we know about coral reefs and how we might save them; about their roles within the broader ocean environment; and about their tremendous benefits to human communities and their economies. In fact, the complexity and interdependence of these systems, and our reliance on them, may be the key to reefs' preservation.

Scroll to explore our stories of the local communities and unlikely alliances that are working together to protect coral reefs.

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Infographic: The Value of Coral Reefs © The Nature Conservancy


  • Thumbnail of the Atlas of Ocean Wealth report

    Atlas of Ocean Wealth

    PDF (13.66 MB PDF)

    This Atlas represents the largest collection to date of the economic, social and cultural values of coastal and marine habitats globally. More information

  • Infographic: The Value of Coral Reefs

    Infographic (7.54 MB PNG)

    Coral reefs have a value of $9.9 trillion USD globally and are relied upon by at least 500 million people.

  • Insuring Nature to Ensure a Resilient Futre: Coastal Zone Management Trust

    Infographic: Insuring Nature

    Infographic (1.99 MB PDF)

    The Nature Conservancy is working with its partners to design and test innovative strategies to finance coral reef restoration and protection, which will in turn protect coastal economies and livelihoods. Descargar en español