A rocky ocean vista at sunset
Monterey Bay California's rocky coast at sunset © Jon McCormack

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Dr. Kenneth Ho and Lisa Kusayanagi Ho

Dr. Kenneth Ho and Lisa Kusayanagi Ho bring the idea of “practice what you preach” to life.

“Every day, Ken does so many little things to conserve resources, like collecting shower water in a bucket and using it for other things,” says Lisa. “His environmental behaviors make a statement to others.” Ken agrees: “Those kinds of things might be incremental, but it could make a big difference if we all did them!”

Ken grew up exploring national parks with his family, and Lisa learned about nature as a Camp Fire Girl and by camping in her backyard. Ken loves photography and has had a long career as a respected physician, and Lisa made her mark working in corporate sales and marketing. They are both native Californians and live in Los Angeles. They were drawn to The Nature Conservancy’s “boots-on-the-ground” approach to conservation. “We were discussing our goals for supporting causes important to us, and TNC’s work to buy fishing leases and train people for other careers to reduce overfishing in Monterey Bay caught our attention,” says Ken. 

Ken and Lisa in the Santa Monica Mountains with their dog, Rafa
Ken Ho and Lisa Kusayanagi Ho Ken and Lisa in the Santa Monica Mountains with their dog, Rafa © Ken Ho

Since that time, Ken and Lisa have traveled with TNC’s Legacy Club Journeys program to see conservation in action around the world. In addition to naming TNC in their estate plans, Ken and Lisa have made stock donations and are also Nature Guardians, meaning they provide generous annual support that funds work like fisheries management in California and beyond. According to Ken, “We feel our donations to TNC are like our fee for all of the enjoyment we get from nature.”

“Our life is based on our Christian faith,” says Lisa. “That guides us to caring for not just ourselves and our families, but the world around us—and that includes nature.” 

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