A bird on a tree limb sings at sunrise
2ND PLACE, WILDLIFE A chestnut-sided warbler sings out just after sunrise. © Raymond Hennessy/TNC Photo Contest 2019

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A few of our favorites from The Nature Conservancy's 2019 Photo Contest.

Spring 2020

The Nature Conservancy’s annual photo contest drew more than 100,000 entries from 152 different nations. Here we offer some of the best: winners, honorable mentions, plus a few favorites we just couldn’t ignore. Nature really is full of wonders, and more than ever it is photographers who help us see them.

Trolltunga rock formation in Røldal, Norway
3rd Place, Landscape Category Trolltunga rock formation in Røldal, Norway. © Guilherme Gomes de Mesquita /TNC Photo Contest 2019
a man's face breaks the surface of a river
2nd Place, People in Nature Category A refugee from the Democratic Republic of the Congo bathes in the waters of Guanabara Bay, Brazil. © Fabio Teixeira /TNC Photo Contest 2019

Quote: Fabio Teixeira

I use documentary photography as a tool to show the beautiful side of people and nature.

Blue vipers on a tree branch
Finalist, Wildlife Category White-lipped island pit vipers, Sumatra, Indonesia. © Robin Yong/TNC Photo Contest 2019
A white-tipped sicklebill hummingbird
Honorable Mention, Wildlife Category A white-tipped sicklebill hummingbird in Sumaco Napo-Galeras National Park, Ecuador. © Sebastian Di Domenico/TNC Photo Contest 2019
A dwarf bearded dragon perches on a desert tree
Finalist, Wildlife Category Dwarf bearded dragon perches on a bush-fire-scorched branch in the Great Victoria Desert, Australia. © Jari Cornelis /TNC Photo Contest 2019

Quote: Jari Cornelis

I hope this photo gives people a sense of how intense life out in the desert can be, and that stunning creatures can be found in the most unexpected places.

The Golden Gate Bridge in fog
1st Place, Cities and Nature Category The Golden Gate Bridge during a low-fog event, California. © JAY HUANG/TNC Photo Contest 2019
A fisher casts his nets.
1st Place, People in Nature Category Fisher in Hon Yen, Phu Yen, Vietnam. © Vinh Le van/TNC Photo Contest 2019
Layers of pink salt in a lagoon
2nd Place, Landscape Category Pink algae in Hutt Lagoon, Western Australia. © Leigh Miller/TNC Photo Contest 2019
A whale shark in the ocean
1st Place, Water Category A whale shark swimming in the depths off of Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia. © Alex Kydd/TNC Photo Contest 2019

Quote: Alex Kydd

This image could only be achieved with rare weather conditions, no wind and perfect visibility. I think photography is one of the most powerful tools in helping people protect and promote the oceans.