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Independent Earth Day Trash Clean-up


Several people holding large black trash bags walk along a path through a forest. A river flows to their left.
Volunteer Cleanup Volunteers clean up trash during a Stream Stewards Spring Watershed Cleanup at First State National Historical Park’s Beaver Valley unit. © John Hinkson/TNC
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Trash Cleanup

Join us in celebrating Earth Day this year with our Second Annual Independent Earth Day Trash Cleanups! Organize a solo cleanup or join friends and family at your leisure to pick up debris and trash in your neighborhood.

Start planning today for an Earth Day trash clean-up in your community!

Don't forget to use our online form to log your independent clean-up so we can tally how much trash has been collected across Delaware in honor of Earth Day.


Please reach out the Molly Anderson for more information. 

Remote work
Apr 21 - Apr 23, 2023
Multiple dates and varied times
Molly Anderson