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Hawai'i and Palmyra Webinars

Waterfall in green mountains.
Hinalele Falls Located at the head of Wainiha Valley, Kauai, Hawaii. © Ethan Welty


A Series of Conversations about TNC's Four Decades in Hawai'i—and Our Future in the Islands

Driven by science, TNC develops innovative solutions and works with partners to protect the environment for the benefit of nature and people. Since our Hawai‘i chapter’s founding in 1980, we created a network of forest preserves and helped catalyze watershed partnerships across the islands. In 2000, we established a marine program to protect coral reefs by working with communities, and collaborated with partners to create a living laboratory at Palmyra Atoll to find global solutions to climate questions.

Past Webinars

The Collaborators: Conservation Partnerships in the Face of Climate Change

Please join us to hear Dr. Alex Wegmann, Director of Science for TNC’s Palmyra Program, and Dr. Sara Maxwell, Assistant Professor at the University of Washington, share their collaboration on the Blue Water Marine Protected Area project and how collaboration is key to answering some of the biggest questions around conservation and climate change.

The Collaborators Conservation Partnerships in the Face of Climate Change
A diver underwater with hundreds of large fish swimming above.
Deep Blue TNC diver in a school of bigeye trevally at Palmyra. © Kydd Pollock/TNC
Headshots of Alex Wegmann and Sara Maxwell
The Collaborators Dr. Alex Wegmann (left) is Director of Science for TNC’s Palmyra Program, and Sara Maxwell (right) is an Assistant Professor and Director of the Marine Sustainability Ecology Lab at the University of Washington Bothell. © Sean Marrs/TNC (l) and © Cory Champagne (r)

The Changemakers: Celebrating 40 Years of Conservation in Hawai`i

Please join us for a celebration of the past, present and future of conservation in Hawai‘i. Founding TNC Hawai‘i Executive Director Kelvin Taketa, current Executive Director Ulalia Woodside, and Marine Fellowship Program graduate Kalani Quiocho will discuss the changing landscape of conservation and how the past can guide us as we move forward.

The Changemakers Celebrating 40 Years of Conservation in Hawai`i
Kelvin Taketa, Ulalia Woodside and Kalani Quiocho
The Changemakers Kelvin Taketa (left) is TNC Hawai‘i's Founding Executive Director, Ulalia Woodside (middle) is current Executive Director, and Kalani Quiocho (right) is a TNC Marine Fellowship Program graduate. © Hawai‘i Community Foundation (l), PBS Hawai‘i (middle), Jean Tanimoto/NOAA (r)

The Catalysts: Growing Conservation Across Hawai`i

Please join us to celebrate TNC Hawai‘i’s 40th anniversary and hear from Dr. Stephanie Dunbar-Co, Climate and Protection Manager, and Shalan Crysdale, Hawai‘i Island Forest Program Director, as they discuss TNC’s role in growing conservation across Hawai‘i.

The Catalysts Growing Conservation Across Hawai`i
Stephanie Dunbar-Co and Shalan Crysdale
The Catalysts Dr. Stephanie Dunbar-Co (left) is TNC in Hawai'i's Climate and Protection Manager and Shalan Crysdale (right), is TNC's Hawai‘i Island Forest Program Director. © TNC (left) and courtesy Shalan Crysdale (right)

The Communities: Working Together to Protect our Reefs into the Future

Please join us to hear from Rebecca Most, TNC’s Hawai‘i Island Marine Program Manager and our partners from the State of Hawai‘i Division of Aquatic Resources, Brian Neilson and Luna Kekoa for a conversation on working with communities to achieve the State’s Marine 30x30 Initiative to effectively manage Hawai‘i’s nearshore waters with 30% established as marine management areas by 2030.

The Communities Working Together to Protect our Reefs into the Future
Rebecca Most, Brian Neilson and Luna Kekoa
The Communities Rebecca Most (left) is TNC’s Hawai‘i Island Marine Program Manager, Brian Neilson is Administrator for the State Of Hawai‘i Division of Aquatic Resources, and Luna Kekoa is Community-Based Fishing Area Planner for the State Of Hawai‘i Division of Aquatic Resources. © Christine Shepard (left) and State of Hawai‘i Division of Aquatic Resources (middle and right)

July 2020: Journey into the Heart of Kaua‘i with Melissa Fisher

TNC Kaua‘i Forest Program Director Melissa Fisher guided us on a virtual field trip into Kaua‘i’s remote watershed forests that TNC is working hard to protect.
Recording: Journey into the Heart of Kaua‘i 
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June 2020: The Promise of Palmyra with Chad Wiggins and Dr. Alex Wegmann
TNC Palmyra Program Director Chad Wiggins and Palmyra Science Director Alex Wegmann shared the latest news from TNC’s Climate Adaptation + Resilience Laboratory at Palmyra Atoll.
Recording: The Promise of Palmyra
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May 2020: Biocultural Conservation with Dr. Sam Gon, Senior Scientist/Cultural Advisor
Dr. Sam Gon led us on a journey through the intimate connections between Hawaiian culture and nature, and how TNC uses a biocultural approach to conservation.
Recording: Biocultural Conservation
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April 2020: Earth Day with Ulalia Woodside, TNC Hawai‘i Executive Director
Ulalia Woodside and TNC Hawai‘i trustee Ka‘iulani de Silva “talk story” on the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Ulalia shared the challenges facing our natural resources and what gives her hope for the future.
Recording: Earth Day with Ulalia Woodside
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