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Zahorsky Woods


Zahorsky Woods offers numerous easy hiking trails with beautiful views of the area.
Zahorsky Woods Zahorsky Woods offers numerous easy hiking trails with beautiful views of the area. © David Neuenschwander

Wooded hiking trails wind through Zahorsky Woods, providing views of glades, a 100-foot dolomite bluff, and the Meramec River.



Why You Should Visit

Zahorsky Woods offers great opportunities to get outside and learn about the geology of Missouri. A marked hiking trail and map will help you identify key points of interest at the site. Located in Crawford County and encompassing 56 acres, trails at the site wind through river bottom lowland to a high, dry and stony southern-facing glade. In the northeast corner of the preserve, a steep 100-foot dolomite bluff overlooks the Meramec River.


Easy hiking over marked paths. Beware of poison ivy.

Why TNC Selected This Site

The hikeable trails at Zahorsky Woods and stunning views of the Meramec River provide a scenic opportunity for the public to get outside and enjoy nature.

What TNC Has Done/Is Doing

TNC maintains the trails and paths at Zahorsky Woods. Two volunteer workdays are held each year.






Hiking, bird watching, wildflower viewing, exploring


56 acres

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What to See: Animals

Turkey, raccoon, and deer can be seen at the preserve. The Meramec River is home to channel and blue catfish and is one of the Red Ribbon Trout Areas, harboring impressive populations of rainbow and brown trout. The river is also home to the endangered Ozark hellbender and some of the richest mussel beds in the state.

What to See: Plants

Post oak, white oak, black hickory thrive in the woodlands. In the fall, look for scattered blue asters and dittany. Leadplant, sumac, fragile fern, ebony spleenwort, silver maple, box elder, three-leaved trillium, black-eyed susan, gama grass, clearweed, goldenglow, wood nettle, Virginia wild rye, chinquapin oak, hackberry, musclewood, green mosses, and colorful lichens can be seen at the preserve.