State-rare fringe-tipped gentian.
Selinger Marsh State-rare fringe-tipped gentian. © Alden Warner

Explore an unusual wetland in an otherwise dry region


Selinger Marsh lies in the rain shadow of the Appalachian Mountains — this area receives the least rainfall in Maryland. Springs on the surrounding slopes provide the water for the marsh, making it an unusual wetland in a otherwise very dry region.  

Selinger Marsh's importance as a breeding ground for amphibians like including the upland chorus frog and the Jefferson salamander makes the site a priority in order to maintain viable populations of these species in this part of Maryland.

Before You Go

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What to See: Plants
  • State-rare fringe-tipped gentian
  • Arrowhead, monkey-flower, cardinal flower, New England aster, great blue lobelia, water plantain, blue flag, silky dogwood, alder, and elderberry
Selinger Marsh
Found in the rain shadow of the Appalachian Mountains, this preserve receives the least amount of rainfall in Maryland.

Selinger Marsh An unusual wetland in a otherwise very dry region.

Get the Most from Your Visit

  • Please do not remove any plants, animals, or rocks
  • There are no trails, other than deer trails, so a compass may help you keep your bearings
  • Please help us maintain this unique natural environment by taking home everything that you bring, including biodegradable materials