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Rinker Rock Creek Ranch


at Rock Creek Ranch, Idaho, in spring.
Lupine blanket at Rock Creek Ranch, Idaho, in spring. © John Finnell

Critical habitat for wildlife and a hub for learning in the heart of southern Idaho.



Located in the Wood River Valley of central Idaho, the 10,400-acre Rinker Rock Creek Ranch provides a unique “living laboratory” through which land managers, students and researchers are learning how to best manage rangeland for the benefit of people and nature.

In 2019, the University of Idaho acquired the ranch from The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and the Wood River Land Trust (WRLT), which first purchased the ranch in 2014 from private landowner Harry Rinker and his family.

Because of its diverse range and water sources, the ranch supports a myriad of wildlife that include beavers, moose, short-eared owls, eagles, many species of songbirds and waterfowl, and the yellow-billed cuckoo, a species whose populations are in steep decline.

Habitat found at the ranch is critical to stabilizing and increasing Greater sage-grouse, which is considered threatened in most of its range. Sage-grouse occupy two leks on the property, and five more leks within one mile of the ranch. Conservation activities on the ranch align with state and federal efforts to improve sage grouse populations. Through a land-use agreement with The Natural Resource Conservation Service, the property is managed to conserve the area’s grasslands and to prevent future development.

The ranch encompasses the entire Rock Creek drainage southwest of Hailey and consists of high-quality sagebrush-steppe habitat, aspen forest, and river miles along Rock Creek. Several tributaries to the Big Wood River run through the ranch: Rock Creek, Little Rock Creek, Big Poison Creek and Little Poison Creek, along with several unnamed streams.

Several restoration and research projects are now taking place at Rinker Rock Creek. One such project is examining how to improve water quality, stream function and provide fish passage between Rock Creek and the lower Big Wood River. In addition to research, the ranch hosts outreach programs and tours.

The ranch is jointly managed by the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences and College of Natural Resources. An advisory board with representation from TNC, WRLT, Idaho Department of Fish and Game, Idaho Cattle Association and others is in place to guide decisions on the property.




Sunrise to sunset year-round

Seasonal restrictions may apply to all types of access


Hiking, Mountain biking, Wildlife viewing, Horseback riding, Cross-country skiing (winter)

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Public use and access is managed by the University of Idaho. Please check for current information before visiting.  

The ranch is free and open to the public. This working cattle ranch provides exceptional hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking and wildlife viewing opportunities. Winter offers plenty of cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

Motorized vehicles are limited to designated roads—Rock Creek Road*, Glendale Road, Hatty Gulch, and East Fork Rock Creek Road. Seasonal restrictions may apply to all types of access.

User Rules

Camping is strictly prohibited, no fires, firearms only for hunting, follow all state hunting and fishing regulations, hunting is permitted with access by foot and on designated motorized roads. No sage grouse hunting and no trapping allowed. Pack out your trash, please park in pullouts, do not drive over dry grass.