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Tensaw Delta Landscape Conservation Area


Tensaw Wildlife Management Area image Three Mile Creek in Mobile-Tensaw River Delta in Alabama of the United States. The Conservancy has teamed up with partners like the State of Alabama Forever Wild Program and Ducks Unlimited to preserve over 47,000 acres in the Delta to protect the habitat of 67 rare, imperiled, threatened or endangered species that live there. © Harold E. Malde

The Mobile-Tensaw Delta is home to many rare and endangered species.

The Nature Conservancy has been working with partners for over a decade to protect this area for the benefit of the 67 rare, imperiled, threatened or endangered species that make their home in the lands and waters of the Mobile-Tensaw Delta; animals like the black bear, American alligator and Alabama red-bellied turtle.

In a monumental partnership, The Nature Conservancy contributed one million dollars to the purchase of 47,000 acres by the State of Alabama Forever Wild Program. In addition to assisting with this purchase, the Alabama Chapter wrote a $940,000 National Coastal Wetlands grant specifically for land acquisition in the Delta. Our partners in conservation, Ducks Unlimited, generously provided matching funds in the amount of $250,000.