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Schueler WMA


River winding through a forest with patches of open grassland in Minnesota’s driftless area.
Coldwater Streams Protecting coldwater streams in Minnesota’s driftless area will provide important benefits for both people and nature. © David Ruff/TNC

Schueler WMA Preserve's coldwater tributaries forest communities has made it a priority area for conservation.



The Nature Conservancy protected three tracts of land for a total of 885 acres within the Root River landscape in Fillmore and Winona counties. The lands acquired include native and non-native grasslands, spring-fed coldwater streams and mesic forests along with a small parcel of cropland which will be restored to prairie.

This was deemed a priority area for conservation because of its coldwater tributaries as well as fire dependent and mesic forest communities. Through acquisition and restoration of these lands, we’ve been able to alleviate the encroaching threats urban development and incompatible cropping and grazing that likely would likely otherwise occur.

Funding for the property was provided by the Outdoor Heritage Fund, which was created under the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment, through an appropriation by the Minnesota Legislature as recommended by the Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage Council.

Following restoration plans, this site will be transferred to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and established as a Wildlife Management Area (WMA). The WMA will be open to the public in accordance with Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Management Areas rules.




885 acres

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  • East Unit: Portion of Section 2, Rushford Township, Fillmore County; 91°45’57” W 43°50’13” N (43.836970 -91.765767)
  • North Unit: Portion of Section 33, Hart Township, Winona County; 91°47’18” W 43°51’19” N (43.855275 -91.788352)
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