The view from Number 5 Mountain in Leuthold Preserve.
Maine Forest: The view from Number 5 Mountain in Leuthold Preserve. © Ian Patterson

Places We Protect

Leuthold Forest Preserve


Critical habitat is protected in this beautiful forest reserve.


The Leuthold Forest Preserve encompasses 16,934 acres of forest land southwest of Jackman, and just south of the Moose River. Number 5 Mountain, at 3,156 feet, looms over the center of the preserve. A trail leads to the summit of the mountain, providing panoramic views of Number 5 Bog, Attean Pond, and the nearby 3,315-foot Number 6 Mountain, located in the west end of the preserve.

The preserve features a unique Fir-Heart Leaved Birch Alpine Forest and the fourth largest contiguous Spruce-Fir/Northern Hardwood Forest in Maine. The complete shorelines of seven ponds are also protected within the preserve. Among the wildlife species that thrive here are pine marten, gray jay, boreal chickadee, Blackburnian warbler and blackpoll warbler.

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