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Manitou Island Wetlands


Manitou Island Wetlands
Manitou Island Wetlands Located in Fulton County, Indiana. © Christopher Jordan

Manitou Island Wetlands is an extensive marsh surrounding many wooded islands.



Why You Should Visit

At more than a square mile, the Manitou Island Wetlands in Fulton County is one of the larger dedicated state nature preserves in Indiana. The preserve offers critical habitats for both terrestrial and wetland, migratory and resident species. Nearly 200 species of plants have been recorded; it is also an important haven for a multitude of animal and bird species.

This preserve is owned and managed by the Indiana DNR's Division of Fish & Wildlife and Division of Nature Preserves. Work done here is in partnership with the Indiana Heritage Trust and Indiana Natural Heritage Protection Campaign.




643 acres

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What to See: Plants and Animals

The islands of Lake Manitou offer oak-hickory forests, tall stands of tamaracks and nearly 200 species of vascular plants including purple-flowered pickered weed, yellow & white water lily, hibiscus, and wild rice among the cattails and tall grasses. It is an excellent habitat for waterfowl, shorebirds, small mammals and whitetail deer. Mallards, Wood Ducks, Wilson Snipes, and Blue-winged Teals breed in the tall grasses. Shovelers, Canvasbacks, Less Scaups, Ringnecks, and Canada Geese are just a few of the bird species that are common visitors during their spring and fall migration stop-overs.

Visitation access is by boat only via the Public Fishing Access on the east shore of the lake. Visitors should use caution as hunting is allowed in the area during season. It is suggested that one does not leave the vessel as there are no existing trails.

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