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Center for Conservation

Long Island, New York

White building behind gardens of white flowers and trees.
Center for Conservation A look at the Kaplan House. © The Nature Conservancy

A Conservancy office that’s also an example of “conservation at home.”



The Center for Conservation was designed with the protection of the natural environment in mind. When converting a 130-year-old farmhouse and former residence into office space, alternative energy sources were used wherever possible.

Come visit our gardens to see how attractive and colorful native plant options can be, and venture inside our office for information on how you can get involved in the important work of The Nature Conservancy.

The Nature Conservancy implemented environmentally-friendly materials and systems into the Center for Conservation. A geothermal heating system uses ground temperature to aid in the heating and cooling of the building, while solar panels cultivate the sun's energy to assist in providing for the electrical needs of the facility. These systems reduce the use of greenhouse gas-emitting fossil fuels.




Open during working hours, Monday-Friday 9-5


Native plant gardens, education center, 130-year-old farmhouse

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The Center for Conservation is an office for TNC staff and serves as a working example of conservation "at home." Its purpose is to educate and encourage the public to adopt conservation practices.

An organic native plant garden graces the west side of the property, a beautiful and environmentally-friendly form of landscaping.

This office is located in East Hampton, Suffolk County, Long Island.