Liatris cylindracea, aka Cylindrical Blazing Star
Cylindrical Blazing Star Liatris cylindracea, aka Cylindrical Blazing Star © The Nature Conservancy (Chris Helzer)

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Kaufmann Avenue Prairie

This preserve is located within the city limits of Dubuque, Iowa.

Why You Should Visit

Kaufmann Prairie features rugged, rocky ridgetops with an expanse of native hill prairie.




Kauffman is a "goat" or hill prairie, which occurs on steep, thin soils with a south-southwest exposure. The best examples occur here in northeast Iowa’s Paleozoic Plateau, but similar prairie can be found in other parts of the state. "Goat" prairie refers to the steepness of the slopes, on which only goats could be expected to graze.

Why the Conservancy Selected This Site

The purchase of Kaufmann Avenue Prairie from the William Connery Estate was made possible by a donation from Dr. John Brennan, who was instrumental in helping to protect this site.  The nearby quarry is reported to have been used for hibernation by the state-endangered Indiana bat.

What to See: Plants

This high-quality prairie features spectacular displays of bird’s-foot violet in the spring, also contains a good population of the Great Plains ladies’-tresses orchid and lead plants, traditional prairie plants and shooting stars.

What to See: Animals

Birds at the preserve include the catbird, cardinal, brown thrasher and American robin.

Preserve Visitation Guidelines