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Hall Woods


Located in Putnam County, Indiana.
Hall Woods Located in Putnam County, Indiana. © Christopher Jordan

Towering white oaks, dramatic ravines and a lush understory make up Hall Woods.



Why You Should Visit

Hall Woods in Putnam County was dedicated as a State Nature Preserve in 1987 and offers deep woods rich with trees and a lush understory, wildflower-covered slopes, and glistening streams full of life. Hall Woods serves as a microcosm of the entire Big Walnut Natural Areas project: deep, rich woods filled with sweet-singing warblers, soft slopes covered in wildflowers, sparkling streams full of life, and a human history that serves to inspire. It is owned and managed by the Indiana Division of Nature Preserves.




128 acres

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What to See: Plants and Animals

Among Hall Woods' main attributes are dramatic ravines, tall stands of white on the uplands, and Big Walnut Creek, which runs along the preserve. Species that thrive in the preserve include silver maple, sycamore, buckeye and tulip trees. Sugar maple, hickory, white ash, and white oak, however, are the more dominant species. Its healthy understory shows few signs of previous disturbance, a rarity in Indiana. Look for flowering dogwoods, sassafras, beech and the fragrant spicebush in the thick understory. Warblers, swallows, kingfishers, and dragonflies are common wildlife seen at the preserve.

A trail exists on the easy to moderate terrain of the preserve.

For More Information

Visit the Indiana Department of Natural Resources Division of Nature Preserves website.