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Gobble Mountain Preserve

Pastures with trees in the foreground, with autumnal tree-covered mountains rising against a blue sky.
Get Outside Enjoy a varied landscape and views from the mountain of the Westfield River. © TNC

A well-known local landmark at the western edge of Hampden County.



Why You Should Visit

The preserve protects Gobble Mountain, a well-known local landmark at the western edge of Hampden County. The property rises in elevation to 995 feet and includes gently sloping to very steep eastern facing forested slopes overlooking the West Branch of the Westfield River. The upper western portion of the property has likely never been cleared for agriculture.

Why TNC Selected This Site

The Westfield River watershed of the Connecticut River provides unique conservation opportunities based on the combination of intact forests and high-quality rivers and streams. This area offers one of the last and best opportunities for large-scale forest and aquatic system conservation in southern New England. The Nature Conservancy’s goal is to conserve the integrity of these forests and rivers both to protect the Connecticut River watershed as well as provide connectivity to other forested habitats in the Appalachians.

What TNC Has Done/Is Doing

Since 2004 when the property was protected, TNC has focused on preserve maintenance to protect this intact multi-aged forest.




Dawn to dusk


285 acres

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All reasonable requests for special accommodations will be made with ample notice. The trail is steep and eroded in places and is wet near the summit.

If you have any questions while planning your outing, please contact our Western Massachusetts office at 413-229-0232.

What to See

The majority of the forest at Gobble is generally mixed hardwood/hemlock, with some stands dominated by hemlock. The summit is forested.

Please observe preserve policies:

  • Preserve open daily from dawn to dusk.
  • Foot traffic only.
  • Please stay off the airway beacon at the summit.
  • Groups larger than 10 people are asked to coordinate their visit with our Western Massachusetts Program at 413-229-0232.
  • No collecting of plants or animals.
  • Carry out all litter.
  • No fires, smoking or camping.