Unique geological formations give Formations Springs it's name
Formation Springs Unique geological formations give Formations Springs it's name © The Nature Conservancy (Megan Grover-Cereda)

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Formation Springs


A wonderland of travertine terraces and crystal springs

At the base of the rolling Aspen Mountains, less than five miles outside of Soda Springs, this 195-acre preserve supports a series of remarkable geological formations surrounding magnificent terraced mineral pools.

It is a refuge for waterfowl, deer, elk and several rare plant communities. Birding is consistently good and nature trails get visitors up close to both the geologic formations and abundant wildlife.


Enjoy hiking and wildlife viewing at Formation Springs.

Dogs are allowed on trails but must be kept under close control. This is habitat for sensitive wildlife. Please keep dogs at a safe distance from wildlife to prevent conflicts.

Facilities: This is not a staffed preserve and is managed in cooperation with BLM. Undeveloped trails and seasonal outhouse available. 

For the latest information on Formation Springs, please contact David Weskamp, conservation manager, at (209) 617-1149 or david.weskamp@tnc.org.