Fawn River Fen
Fawn River Fen Located in Lagrange County, Indiana. © The Nature Conservancy

Places We Protect

Fawn River Fen


An island within an island, this preserve is an isolated remnant of Indiana’s natural heritage.

Why You Should Visit

Dedicated as a State Nature Preserve in 1990, Fawn River Fen Preserve in LaGrange County protects critical local watersheds and uplands. Fawn River, one of Indiana’s clearest rivers, flows through the preserve providing its native plants and animals with a protected, well-maintained stream-side habitat. The river, flanked by an extensive cattail marsh and a grass/sedge fen, also supports a healthy population of aquatic life.

Fawn River Fen is owned and managed by The Nature Conservancy, and work done at the preserve is in partnership with Department of Nature Preserves, Garden Clubs of America and Natural Resources Conservation Services.

What to See: Plants and Animals

Fawn River Fen features an upland island covered with oak savanna and Indiana’s largest known population of a globally-rare wildflower called kittentails. Cuckoo flowers, alder buckthorn, flat-leafed bladderwort, and autumn willow are other types of flora seen at the fen. A rare and globally-threatened natural community known as flat mucks are found at the Fawn River Fen. The state-threatened eastern Massasauga rattlesnake also makes its home at the fen; tall boots wouldn't be a bad idea when visiting this preserve.

Unfortunately, because of the sensitivity of the area, visitation is restricted to TNC volunteer/stewardship workdays.