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Cuttyhunk Brook Preserve

Rhode Island

Rhode Island: Cuttyhunk Brook Preserve in Exeter and West Greenwich, Rhode Island. The Queen's River forms the eastern boundary of Cuttyhunk Brook Preserve. The Queen’s River originates in a roughly 1,000-acre forested area east of Hopkins Hill Road in West Greenwich and between Sunderland Road, New Road and Route 102 in Exeter, Rhode Island. The Queen’s River is considered one of the most pristine rivers in the state. Its watershed, which includes Cuttyhunk Brook, encompasses 23,000 acres of forest, fields, wetland, and river. Because of the relatively unimpacted nature of the river, it contains native trout, freshwater mussels and a number of dragonflies that depend upon clean, cold, running water. The river’s aquifer holds drinking water of exceptional purity, on which many local residents depend. The Conservancy’s Cuttyhunk Brook Preserve forms an important stepping stone between protected lands at the Audubon Society of Rhode Island’s Eppley and Fisherville Brook Wildlife Sanctuaries. These conservation lands are critical to the maintenance of the high water quality in the river. © © The Nature Conservancy

Cuttyhunk Brook joins the Queens River to form one of the most pristine freshwater systems in southern New England.