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Clay Head Preserve

Rhode Island

on Block Island, Rhode Island.
Clay Head Preserve on Block Island, Rhode Island. © Nat Rea

Clay Head Preserve covers approximately 190 acres on the northeastern end of Block Island.



Located in the northeast part of Block Island, the Clay Head Preserve traverses some of the most spectacular scenery on the eastern seaboard.  A privately-owned 150 acre preserve protected by conservation easements, it is one of the best places to observe migratory songbirds in North America in the fall. 

The trail runs east toward the ocean about 1/3 of a mile.  You will pass Clay Head Swamp on your right, with the scenic Littlefield Farm in the background.  Soon you will reach an intersection in the trail.  If you turn right, you will end up on the beach.  Turn left and the trail winds up above the clay bluffs for which this area was named.  At the top of the incline, follow the trail along the bluff.  Periodically you will see trails on your left heading away from the ocean, this part of Clay Head is known as the "maze".  These intertwining trails are unmarked and are perfect for hours of wandering.




190 acres

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What to See: Plants

Fruit-bearing shrubs that feed and shelter migrating birds.

What to See: Animals

Migrating songbirds, the state endangered yellow-crowned night heron, northern harrier, and barn owl.