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Borax Lake Preserve


Pools of water with mineral deposits around the edges and grasses growing on the shore.
Borax Lake Preserve Borax Lake Preserve — an oasis in Eastern Oregon's Alvord Desert. © Mary Alice Wilson

An oasis in the Alvord Desert, Borax Lake is a haven for waterfowl and an endangered fish.

Stand Up for Nature in Oregon

The mission of The Nature Conservancy is to conserve the lands and waters upon which all life depends, and for nearly 60 years, we've been working in Oregon to do just that. We're bringing people together to solve the biggest conservation challenges of our time by transforming policy, inspiring communities to take action, protecting vital habitats and natural resources and improving livelihoods.

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The Nature Conservancy owns nearly 1,500 preserves covering more than 2.5 million acres across all 50 states. These lands protect wildlife and natural systems, serve as living laboratories for innovative science and connect people to the natural world.

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