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Anderson Falls


Located in Bartholomew County, Indiana.
Anderson Falls Nature Preserve Located in Bartholomew County, Indiana. © Ron Leonetti

Anderson Falls is a unique area with steep-walled valleys and cascading waterfall.



Why You Should Visit

Dedicated as a State Nature Preserve in 2004, Anderson Falls is a unique area to the otherwise flat Bartholomew County, with its steep-walled valleys and waterfall cascading down to its limestone bed.

Anderson Falls is owned and managed by the Bartholomew County Parks Department. The Nature Conservancy transferred ownership in 1979. Work done at this preserve is in partnership with the Indiana Department of Nature Preserves.




44 acres

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What to See: Plants and Animals

The beech/maple forest shares the land with shagbark hickory, white oak and buckeye trees. A number of woodland animals and an abundance of birds including migratory songbirds, woodpeckers, and hawks make their home at the preserve. In early spring, an array of wildflowers can be seen east of the falls.

The scenic, moderate terrain makes for a beautiful hike. The preserve is much larger than expected with a small trail network past the viewing area and roadside trails. Crossing above or below the falls is necessary to access these trails, so please be cautious.