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Timothy Boucher

Senior Conservation Geographer

Arlington, VA

Senior Conservation Geographer

Timothy Boucher Tim Boucher is "a world-class geographic information systems (GIS) scientist wo uses satellite data to monitor the status of healthy and threatened habitats." He is also a bird-crazy map guy who has braved civil war and landslides to find and see birds. © Dave Lauridsen for The Nature Conservancy


Conservation Science, Bioacoustics, Conservation Biology, Remote Sensing


Tim Boucher is a conservation geographer at The Nature Conservancy. Working in international conservation science since 1998, he has used remote sensing and geographic information science to assess habitat condition, protection, and threats. He has conducted field assessments on six continents, applying spatial analyses to a wide range of conservation issues ranging from marine spawning aggregations in Belize to global land-cover analysis.

In 2012, he investigated the linkages between conservation and human well-being. This research assessed the condition of grassland conservation projects that have socio-economic components. Using satellite data, he tested whether the conservation action has resulted in improved or stabilized grassland condition by comparing the conservation area against control sites. This work was conducted in South Africa, Mongolia, Ecuador and Kenya.

He has also worked on the Dow Collaboration—one that will help businesses incorporate the value of nature into their decision-making. Specifically, he investigated the effects of climate change on coastal habitats and their value on mitigating natural hazards.

Recently, Tim led the Natural Infrastructure Theme in Central Science, which examined where and how natural solutions may be effective and economical alongside or instead of gray solutions (e.g., levees, sea walls), with the goal of contributing the evidence base that can inform investments made by communities, governments and industry.

Currently, Tim is working on developing novel, scientifically credible and cost effective ways to provide monitoring information for conservation project and programs.

Amongst his many publications, Tim is a co-author and the senior geographer for the Atlas of Global Conservation, and responsible for publishing the maps online. Tim is a South African native, has a Master’s degree in Geography from the University of Maryland, enjoys photography, hiking, and is an avid birder with an enviable life list.Tim is also a regular contributor to Cool Green Science, blogging about birds, science and things that pique his interest.

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