Headshot, Samantha Horn
Samantha Horn Headshot, Samantha Horn © Samantha Horn/TNC

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Samantha Horn

Science Director, Maine


  • Areas of Expertise

    Wildlife Conservation, Social Science, Decision-Making


Samantha leads the Maine science team, which includes the stewardship staff that care for TNC Maine’s preserves; scientists that work on topics as diverse as freshwater ecosystem restoration, conservation prioritization, renewable energy siting, spatial ecology, mapping and database work; and specialists in community engagement and social science. Samantha  spent two decades in Maine State Government natural resource agencies linking natural science, social science and people to improve public decision-making about natural resources. She also has prior experience in the academic, nonprofit and private sectors. Some of her first field work right out of college was for TNC in Minnesota and California.  Samantha holds a B.S. in biology and English literature from Washington University in St. Louis and an M.S. in Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation from the University of Massachusetts, focused on human dimensions and conflict resolution. 

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  • is director of science at The Nature Conservancy in Maine.

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