Senior Marine Scientist
Robert Brumbaugh Senior Marine Scientist © Devan King / The Nature Conservancy

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Rob Brumbaugh

Senior Marine Scientist



    Marine habitat restoration, fisheries and ecosystem services


Dr. Robert Brumbaugh joined The Nature Conservancy in 2004 and is currently a Senior Marine Scientist in the Florida Chapter. In this role, Rob is responsible for helping to support the conservation of coral reefs, mangroves, oyster reefs and other coastal habitats that define the ecology of Florida’s coastal waters, and shape the culture Florida’s coastal communities.  A particular focus of Rob’s 20+ years in conservation has been to describe in quantitative terms the ecosystem benefits of marine habitats, such as fish production, water quality benefits, carbon storage and other functions of various coastal ecosystems that support economic and social well-being.  This information, in turn, helps the Conservancy and its partners better define objectives for conservation, restoration and management of these critical coastal ecosystems.

Prior to joining the Conservancy’s Florida Chapter in 2017, Rob served on TNC’s Global Oceans Team, and directed the Conservancy’s Mapping Ocean Wealth initiative.  Mapping Ocean Wealth was recognized with the 2017 Tourism for Tomorrow Innovation Award by the World Travel and Tourism Council, an organization comprised of the CEOs of the world’s largest tourism-related businesses.  This initiative continues to develop, and Rob now represents Florida on the Mapping Ocean Wealth core team, informing the ongoing work of this global initiative and bringing the results to bear on marine conservation work underway in Florida.

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