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Rob Addington

Director of Forest and Fire Program, Colorado

Boulder, Colorado

Headshot of Rob Addington.

Rob Addington Director of the Forest and Fire Program with The Nature Conservancy in Colorado. © Lauryn Wachs/TNC


Conservation, Forest restoration, Fire management, Landscape ecology



Rob Addington


Rob Addington is the Director of the Forest and Fire Program with The Nature Conservancy in Colorado.  He and his team are focused on increasing the pace and scale of forest restoration in Colorado to reduce hazardous fuels and promote landscape resilience to natural disturbances such as wildfire as well as climate change.  Much of this work is completed in partnership with agencies such as the U.S. Forest Service, the Colorado State Forest Service, and other non-governmental organizations.  Rob has more than 15 years of professional experience working in frequent-fire ecological systems, from longleaf pine ecosystems of the southeastern U.S. to ponderosa pine systems of the western U.S.  He holds B.A. degrees in Biology and English from the University of Colorado and a M.S. degree in Plant Biology from the University of Georgia. 

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