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Randy Dell

Policy and Incentives Strategy Manager, Regenerative Crop Systems, North America Agriculture Program

Lansing, MI

Headshot, Randy Dell

Randy Dell Policy and Incentives Strategy Manager, Regenerative Crop Systems, North America Agriculture Program © Laura Henschke

Areas of Expertise

applied economics, agriculture, environmental markets, policy analysis, tile drainage

Media Contact

Christine Griffiths
ph. 912-222-3297

Direct Contact

Randy Dell


Randy Dell is policy and incentives strategy manager for the Regenerative Crop Systems strategy of the North America Agriculture Program. In this role, Randy draws on his expertise in economics, agriculture and project management to advance the organization’s efforts to achieve wide-scale adoption of conservation agriculture practices on U.S. croplands. Notably, Randy works with public and private partners and colleagues across TNC’s state programs to develop practical financial and legal tools to help farmers and landowners work together to increase the use of conservation practices on rented farmland.

Based in Lansing, Michigan, Randy is a skilled collaborator and facilitator. He works with colleagues across the organization and engages with a range of public and private partners—from farmers and commodity groups to international food companies and government agencies—to provide farmers and others in the agriculture community with the economic and scientific data, technical resources and opportunities to increase agriculture production while safeguarding land and water resources.

Randy joined TNC in 2013 to manage agriculture strategies across the Great Lakes Basin, where he focused on developing financial and conservation solutions to improve water quality in agricultural systems. Prior to that, Randy worked at Ducks Unlimited for seven years, implementing environmental market opportunities for grassland and wetland conservation. Randy has a bachelor’s degree in economics from Michigan State University and a master’s degree in agricultural and resource economics from Oregon State University.

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