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Owen Baughman

Precision Restoration Scientist

Burns, OR

Headshot of Owen Baughman.

Owen Baughman Precision Restoration Scientist for The Nature Conservancy. © Courtesy Owen Baughman


Plant ecology, Ecological research, Seed enhancement technologies, Restoration research, Field work


Media Contact

Tracey Stone


Owen Baughman has been a Precision Restoration Scientist with The Nature Conservancy in Burns Oregon, USA, since 2018. Over the last 15 years, he has worked in multiple capacities to understand, test, and/or demonstrate new and innovative approaches to native plant restoration in North America’s sagebrush steppe. Born in eastern Nevada, the sagebrush sea is his favorite sea. He earned an MS in Plant Ecology in 2014 from the University of Nevada Reno, and a BS in Ecology and Conservation Biology in 2010 from the University of Idaho.

His favorite hobbies include multi-day backcountry trips (by foot or boat) with his wife and family, dogs and/or friends.

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