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Nick Miller

Director of Science and Strategy, Wisconsin Chapter

Madison, Wisconsin

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Nick Miller Director or Science and Strategy, Wisconsin Chapter © 2019 Nature and Human Photography


Ecosystem service assessment, Conservation tool development, Watershed and wetland ecology,


Nick Miller

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Emily Mills


As Director of Science and Strategy for The Nature Conservancy in Wisconsin, Nick brings science to conservation approaches, policy, and practices through planning, monitoring, and collaboration. He is currently working with Wisconsin’s science and strategy team on nature-based solutions to mitigate and adapt to climate change, ecosystem service assessments to drive wetland and watershed conservation, data-based assessment of the implications of wetland policy changes, online mapping tools to promote sustainable and equitable land use decision-making, sharing TNC’s conservation vision and data with partners, and development of approaches to track Wisconsin’s contributions toward TNC’s global 2030 goals.

Nick’s work focuses on Wisconsin and the Midwest; he has also provided science and strategy support for TNC’s national and global policies and projects (e.g., U.S. wetland and aquatic resources policy, the Bridge Collaborative, forest-water research in Chile) and conservation planning in South America and China. Prior to joining TNC in 2005, Nick managed a regional conservation program in New York of the Wildlife Conservation Society, designed approaches to align local development plans with biodiversity needs, and created watershed-based wetland restoration planning methods for Rhode Island.

Nick currently serves on the board of Gathering Waters and the science advisory board of the Wisconsin Initiative on Climate Change Impacts. He has a MS in natural resources science from the University of Rhode Island and a BS in wildlife ecology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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