Nancy is the Director of Land Management for The Nature Conservancy in Maine.
Nancy Sferra: Nancy is the Director of Land Management for The Nature Conservancy in Maine. © Phoebe Parker

Our People

Nancy Sferra

Director of Land Management, Maine


  • Areas of Expertise

    Fire management, terrestrial and wetland restoration, recreational management, invasive species


Nancy oversees land management activities and legal compliance monitoring work in Maine. This includes ecological and recreational management on our fee lands and ensuring all monitoring is completed and issues addressed for our conservation easements and restricted transfers and tradelands. In addition, she oversees protection projects that are additions to preserves and coordinates our preserve transfer work.

She implements restoration projects including the application of fire to manage sandplain grasslands and pine barrens; invasive species management; and restoration of wetlands impacted by former land use practices.

Her past professional work includes coordinating field research on soil invertebrates for Michigan State University and conducting field research and ecological monitoring for Massachusetts Audubon Society.

Nancy has a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Management and a Master of Science in Biology with an emphasis in Wildlife Biology, both from Eastern Kentucky University.

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