Meera Bhat is the Director for Equitable Conservation at The Nature Conservancy.
Meera Bhat Meera Bhat is the Director for Equitable Conservation at The Nature Conservancy. © Gritz Photography

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Meera Bhat

Director, Equitable Conservation

Minneapolis, MN

  • Area of Expertise

    urban ecology, community resilience, network theory


Meera Bhat is the Director for Equitable Conservation at The Nature Conservancy. Meera came to the Conservancy from Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health where she worked as a program manager, researching the ecology of infectious diseases in diverse settings such as South America, Western and Sub-Saharan Africa, the southwestern United States and Manhattan.

She has been an advocate for urban agriculture and community access to vacant land in New York City since 2010, working with organizations such as the Brooklyn Queens Land Trust, Prospect Farm, Five Borough Farm, and 596 Acres.

Meera holds a BS in Mathematics and Cell & Molecular Biology from the University of Michigan and an MS in Computational Biology from New York University, and is pursuing an MS in Urban Planning from Columbia University.

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