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Mate Zec

Renewable Energy Siting Specialist, Southeast Europe

Mate Zec headshot.

Mate Zec Mate Zec headshot. © Ciril Jazbec

Areas of Expertise

biodiversity, renewable energy siting, spatial analysis, data analysis

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Mate Zec is the renewable energy siting specialist for The Nature Conservancy in Southeast Europe, where he works to ensure that the energy transition is timely, effective and inclusive of nature and people by mapping values, modelling species distributions and using the results to support spatial and energy planning processes.

He has been in the NGO space for the better part of a decade, crunching numbers, engaging with stakeholders and advocating for better environmental assessment procedures. Before joining TNC, he worked with Biom, the Croatian national BirdLife partner, where he, in addition to his work on improving energy infrastructure, managed the program for data analysis and advocated for better law enforcement against illegal killing, taking and trade of wild birds.

He is a trained Conservation Standards coach and member of CCNet (Conservation Coaches Network) Europe.

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