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Mark Reynolds

Point Conception Institute Director


Mark Reynolds headshot.

Mark Reynolds Director of the Point Conception Institute in California. © TNC

Area of Expertise

Planning, restoration and applied conservation science, BirdReturns

Media Contact

Heather Gately


Mark Reynolds is director of the Point Conception Institute and lead scientist for The Nature Conservancy’s Jack and Laura Dangermond Preserve. Mark leads interdisciplinary teams of conservation scientists and data analysts who design, implement and export cutting-edge conservation strategies based on research at the Dangermond Preserve. Mark began his career at TNC in 2001 as senior ecologist for emerging projects. He has recently led science partnerships to develop dynamic conservation strategies for migratory species, including TNC’s innovative BirdReturns program. Prior to joining TNC, he held positions at biological field research stations of San Diego State University, the University of California Natural Reserve System, UC Santa Barbara and UC Berkeley.

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