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Lesley Atwood, PhD

Agriculture & Climate Scientist

Newmarket, NH

Lesley Atwood headshot.

Lesley Atwood Agriculture and climate scientist. © Courtesy Lesley Atwood

Areas of Expertise

Agroecology, soil science, ecosystem ecology, conservation agriculture, climate change




Lesley Atwood, PhD, is an Agriculture & Climate Scientist at The Nature Conservancy (TNC). She provides scientific and technical support for TNC’s agricultural and food systems work.

Lesley is an agroecologist whose research focuses on climate mitigation and adaptation in agricultural systems. Previously, Lesley was a Science for Nature and People Partnership Postdoctoral Scholar (SNAPP) for the Managing Soil Carbon Working at the National Center for Ecological Analysis & Synthesis (NCEAS), where she developed the database that underpins TNC’s AgEvidence webtool. This freely available tool visualizes the scientific evidence to show how agricultural management can impact both the environment and food production. It is intended to provide everyone with access to the peer-reviewed literature in easy-to-understand visualizations. AgEvidence currently includes data for the United States Corn Belt and Kenya.

Lesley received her PhD from the University of New Hampshire in agroecology; her MSc from Michigan State University in community, food, and agriculture; and her BSc from the University of Georgia in ecology. She enjoys spending time with her family, goofing off, dancing, camping and gardening.

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