Our People

Laura Crane

Director of the California Climate Program.

Los Angeles, CA

Headshot, Laura Crane

Laura Crane Laura is the Director of the California Climate Program. © TNC

Area of Expertise

Climate and Energy Policy, Conservation Strategy, Land Use Policy, Ecosystem Services

Media Contact

Heather Gately
ph. +1 773-474-4500


Laura leads a team of conservation practitioners who design and execute innovative strategies at the nexus of climate and land use. As California responds to the urgent need to cut greenhouse gas emissions, as well as the impacts of climate-exacerbated natural disasters, this team spearheads solutions that harness the power of nature to protect people and wildlife in the face of changing conditions and address the climate crisis. From restoring wetlands and fire-adapted forests to integrating nature into existing and future development, the Climate Program is advancing solutions that protect biodiversity, restore habitat connectivity, and make cities and communities more resilient, sustainable, and equitable in the face of climate change.

Laura holds a B.A. in environmental studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

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