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Katie Kennedy, Ph.D.

Applied River Scientist, North America Region


Katie Kennedy headshot.


Areas of Expertise

River ecology, hydropower, regulated rivers, adaptive flow management, conservation decision science


Jay Harrod


Katie Kennedy is an Applied River Scientist with The Nature Conservancy’s North America Region, based in Western Massachusetts. Her work is focused on understanding the impacts of river management decisions on river ecology and function and finding solutions that benefit multiple water users. She works collaboratively with diverse stakeholder groups to find creative ways to provide human benefits, such as clean energy, flood risk management, water supply, irrigation and recreation while also providing the conditions necessary for a functioning and thriving river ecosystem. She has worked extensively in the Southeast and Northeast U.S. and has also had the privilege of working with TNC staff and partners in the Ganga River system of India. Her current portfolio of work includes collaborations in the Connecticut, Mississippi and San Juan river systems.

Before coming to TNC in 2012, Katie was a research associate at the Alabama Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, where she worked to apply adaptive management and decision analysis techniques to natural resource management decisions, especially those related to adaptive flow management from hydropower dams. Katie received her B.S. in biology and environmental studies from Eastern University, Pennsylvania, and her M.S. in fisheries genetics and her Ph.D. in river ecology and management from Auburn University, Alabama.

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