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Jeffrey S. Evans

Senior Landscape Ecologist / Biometrician

Laramie, Wyoming, USA

Jeffrey Evans Senior Landscape Ecologist © Melanie Murphy


Statistics, Landscape Ecology, Landscape Genetics, Climate Change, Forestry, GIS, Modeling


Jeffrey Evans
ph. 970-672-6766


Jeffrey S. Evans is a Senior Landscape Ecologist and Biometrician for the Global Lands Science Team where he attempts to bring vigor from diverse fields such as landscape ecology, spatial statistics, remote sensing and applied mathematics to answer practical conservation questions. His focus is on the development and implementation of novel nonparametric statistical methods for the assessment of cumulative impacts to ecological systems and monitoring biodiversity. Broadly, his research has focused on spatial statistics, ecological modeling, species distribution, habitat utilization, climate change, temporal modeling, quantifying landscape dynamics, and the development/application of new remote sensing technologies. He currently has over 80 publications in peer-reviewed journals (H-index = 34).

Prior to TNC he worked as a research ecologist for the USFS Research Station, held affiliate professor status at the University of Idaho and Colorado State University and worked for the California Academy of Sciences as a Research Assistant. He has also ridden horses for 40+ years and has played guitar for several swing and bluegrass bands. Jeffrey has been married to long-term collaborator Dr. Melanie Murphy for sixteen years and together they have a daughter, Calla, two dogs and three horses.

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