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Isaac Hametz

Baltimore Program Director, Maryland/DC

Baltimore, MD

Isaac Hametz headshot.

Isaac Hametz Baltimore Program Director, Maryland/DC chapter © courtesy Isaac Hametz

Areas of Expertise

Landscape architecture, urban design, social entrepreneurship, community resiliency

Media Contact

Matt Kane


Isaac Hametz is a designer, strategist, educator and activist trained in agricultural science, landscape architecture and social entrepreneurship. A passionate, thoughtful leader, Isaac has managed innovative and authentic conservation projects internationally and in the United States for 15 years.

At the heart of Isaac’s work is a deep regard for life and living, rooted in an appreciation for the ephemeral and interrelatedness of all beings. As the Baltimore Program Director, Isaac is guiding TNC’s portfolio of projects in the city, aiming to address critical and connected Chesapeake Bay conservation issues including climate adaptation, sediment management and equitable access to nature. He views the complexity and character of Baltimore and its people as an asset for equitable and impactful urban conservation and the twin challenges of climate adaptation and social justice as a call to action.

Before joining TNC in 2021, Isaac was a partner and principal at Mahan Rykiel Associates, a landscape architecture and urban design firm based in Baltimore. In his role there, Isaac established and guided the firm’s design research studio leveraging strategic partnerships with non-profits, academic institutions, government and the private sector to advance applied design research solutions for climate adaptation and community resiliency in Baltimore and the Chesapeake Bay. From 2006 to 2010, Isaac ran Earth’s Promise, a non-profit organization he founded that works to advance models of sustainable community development in the Negev desert.

Isaac holds a master of landscape architecture (MLA) degree from the University of Virginia School of Architecture, where he teaches professional practice, and a bachelor of science in agriculture from the University of Maryland, College Park. 

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