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Hayley Mortimer

State Director, Wyoming

Lander, Wyoming

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Hayley Mortimer Wyoming State Director © Nick Lund


Conservation leadership

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Bebe Crouse
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Raised in Hailey, Idaho, Hayley Mortimer is a true child of the Rockies. She grew up fishing and hiking and still spends every free moment in the mountains.

“The mountains and rivers were my playground and the Greater Yellowstone is especially near to my heart. Perhaps because of that background, I feel very strongly about nurturing people’s connection with place,” explains Mortimer.

Taking her position as state director for The Nature Conservancy in Wyoming was a natural fit. She is drawn to TNC’s conservation priorities, in particular the focus on climate change.

“I am both alarmed about climate change and committed to finding local solutions to the problem. TNC is a leader on this issue.”

A former Vice-President for Regional Operations at the National Parks Conservation Association, Mortimer has an impressive background in both the public and private sectors in areas such as fund-raising, strategic planning, cross-functional collaboration and operational efficiency.  As a seasoned leader in conservation and organization development, Mortimer is ideally suited to guide a talented staff that is based in TNC offices across Wyoming.

“This is really a dream job for me. Years ago, I watched as TNC’s Silver Creek Preserve near Hailey was created. Seeing how that came together fueled my admiration for the work of the organization. This job also gives me the opportunity to work in much bigger landscapes than a park, which has very specific boundaries.”

Her experience in finance and leadership development for public land agencies has given her a profound understanding of the limitations those managers face. That helps her understand how the private sector can fill in the gaps so we can effectively complete the conservation picture.

“I am especially dedicated to building leadership at the local level and connecting youth to nature. One of the chapter’s priorities is conserving the future of conservation, and what better way to do that than mentoring and empowering youth?”

Mortimer is based at the chapter headquarters in Lander, Wyoming.

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