Our People

Hawley Iona

Director of Finance and Operations

Hawai'i and Palmyra

Hawley Iona headshot.

Hawley Iona Hawley is Director of Finance and Operations for TNC's Hawai'i and Palmyra programs. © Sean Marrs

Areas of Expertise

Finance, human resources, operations

Media Contact

Evelyn Wight


Hawley Iona guides TNC’s programs to meet strategic conservation priorities by developing, directing and executing strategies, plans and activities related to finance, human resources and operations. She joined TNC in 2017 and works directly with the business unit’s leadership and Board of Trustees to ensure the financial security and sustainability of its programs while establishing and tracking measures, indicators of operational and financial progress and success, and reinforcing compliance and consistency with related organizational policies and procedures.

“I want to support our staff in making the greatest impact they can as conservation warriors and leaders in our island communities,” she says.

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